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It’s true, many children will cry when they are first introduced to swim lessons.  It does take a lot of courage for them to take the first plunge, but learning to swim is important and will soon be fun…we promise!
Our approach to teaching is child-centered.  We are very sensitive to and understanding toward your child’s new endeavor.  We have many successful years of experience in handling these seemingly frightening circumstances.  We are all here to help your child cope with this new situation through our patience and care.
So, Mom and Dad, relax! If the tears start to fall, try to not worry.  Your child is in the hands of professional instructors who are compassionate and perceptive of your child’s fears and tears.  Crying is only temporary and usually only lasts for a short time.  Your child will not be harmed in any way or disliked for what seems to be a lack of cooperation.  Please remember that we use techniques that respect the concerns and ability level of each child.  We know that your child will eventually learn and discover that swimming and the water are fun!
Becoming anxious or concerned about your child’s crying may be interpreted by your child as a way to get attention from you, or worse, may appear to justify and influence their fear.  As parents, you can help in many ways that will reassure your child and help speed the learning process:

  • Have faith in your child’s ability to handle this new situation.   
  • After the lesson, please do not chastise or try to force your child to stop crying. ​
  • Be positive and give your child encouragement about how well they handled the experience. 
  • Try to impress upon your child that he/she is learning how to be safe in the water, and that swimming will eventually be fun.
  • The more time you spend in the water with family playtime, the faster learning will take place.  Don’t attempt to instruct or push your child during these family fun times.  Let he/she experience the “fun side” of water.
  • Learning is a continuous process, so be encouraging with all improvements.


We are professional instructors and enjoy teaching your child to swim.  Remember, learning to swim is a necessity, not a luxury.  So, relax and trust that you are providing your child the gift of learning to be safe in the water.


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