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Our highly-trained instructors offer private and semi-private lessons for infants up to adults.


Any child new to the program (regardless of age) MUST be scheduled in a private lesson to start. They will remain in the private lesson until their instructor recommends a group class


Swim School is proud to use Jackrabbit for online registration.  The link at the bottom of this page will allow you to create a Parent Portal and ​register your child for classes. Below is the list of classes offered

  • Parent/Child Private Lesson (age 6 weeks to 12 months) – Provides a wonderful      experience for both the parent and the child. The parent is taught how to adapt his/her child to the water before the fear of water develops. The lesson is 15 minutes of private instruction.

  • Pre-School Private Lesson ( starts at age 1 ) – This lesson is 15 minutes of private instruction. The child is taught to become acclimated to the water. When the child learns to float on both his/her stomach and back, swim approximately 25 feet doing “turnovers” and backstroke with no assistance, he/she can move to a small group lesson.​

  • Pre-School Group Lesson (age 2 to 5) – This semi-private group, consisting of 4 students, gives the child his/her first group experience which accelerates the learning process. The lesson is 30 minutes of semi-private instruction which introduces breaststroke and diving. When the child is able to swim 25 yards doing “turnovers” and backstroke and jump into deep water, he/she is ready for the Pre-school Advanced Group.​

  • Pre-School Advanced Group Lesson (age 3 to 5) – This group is our pre-swim team group which  has between 8 and 10 students per instructor. It consists of 45 minutes of instruction and 15 minutes of playtime per week. These swimmers are taught to swim all 4 competitive strokes, dive, and do flip turns. The physical conditioning is a very beneficial feature of this lesson and prepares the child for many exciting water activities in the future.   Once your child turns 6 years old, he or she will be moved into one of the following groups:​

  • School-Age Lesson (age 6 and up) – The School-age lesson focuses on getting students acclimated and comfortable in the water. After becoming comfortable, the child works on all 4 strokes. There are between 4 and 5 students in this 30-minute group.​

  • Mechanics Program (age 6 and up) – This is a once-a-week program that consists of one hour of mechanics (stroke, racing start, and turn work).  Mechanics is offered at the Fraim Boys’ and Girls’ Club.  To be eligible for this program, the child MUST be able to do all 4 competitive strokes (legal butterfly and breaststroke, solid knowledge of freestyle and backstroke) and MUST be evaluated by an instructor prior to registration.  

  • Adults- Learning to swim can happen at different times throughout our lives.   Swim School, Inc. offers adult swim lessons for those adults learning to swim, those who want to gain confidence , work on their stroke technique or those training for specific events (triathlons, races, or job-related testing).  ​

Our instructors have great knowledge of swimming and pride themselves on making you feel comfortable, no matter what your age.


Swim Lesson and Mechanics Fees

We base our fee off a  series of 4 lessons for $89.00 ($99.00 for mechanics) for the first child, and give a 10% discount of $80.00  ($89 for mechanics) for each additional child.  We bill monthly, so if your lesson meets more/less then 4 times a month, your bill will be adjusted accordingly.


The prices remain the same as the child moves from a private lesson into a group lesson. Swim School Inc does not give refunds, and requires a week notice for non-returning clients.  Clients are responsible for any bill if a week's notice isn't given..  Please click the button below to register for lessons through Jackrabbit  




We accept check, cash or card payment through Jackrabbit.

Payment is due at the start of the lesson series.  Any payments received after the monthly series has ended will result in a $10.00 late fee.


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